Serverless for the rest of us.

Expresslane is a premium, configurable starter kit for bootstrapping modern serverless applications in the cloud.

Get on track for faster, cheaper, and better quality custom application development.

  • bootstrapBootstrap: Fast-track your way to serverless development bliss. Deploy our production-grade infrastructure and starter application in the cloud and start delivering value in just a few hours.
  • learnLearn: Follow the design patterns and best-practices to quickly ramp up on the brave new world of serverless development.
  • askAsk: Collaborate with our expert engineers on cloud-native architecture, implementation, and development workflows.

Skip the pain of greenfield serverless development

Serverless platforms offer huge advantages for product teams and organizations:

low cost
highly scalable
faster time to market
simpler architectures
easier to secure

For all the advantages, serverless demands a new perspective on application development and comes with a steep learning curve.

Based on our experience consulting on serverless architectures, the cost of ramping-up and bootstrapping a new application can be hundreds of developer hours. Skip the learning curve, toy examples, and awkward documentation and use Expresslane to get to market faster.

Modern application patterns

We include the infrastructure, code, and design patterns your team needs to quickly build the powerful applications your users expect.

We provide a customized, fully-baked reference implementation founded on cloud best-practices, built for security, scalability, and ease of development. All of your cloud infrastructure is defined in code, stored in version control, with automated deployments and tests.

  • ● Multi-tenant, super-scalable serverless applications
  • ● User management and authorization with AWS Cognito or Auth0
  • ● CRUD examples with data access patterns
  • ● Role-based authorization model
  • ● Realtime in-app and email notifications
  • ● Powerful full-text search
  • ● Asynchronous processing with scheduled jobs, queues, and event sourcing
Modern architectures and tech stacks

Backend: NodeJS, Java, Go, Python


User interface: React, ES9, TypeScript, Webpack, Babel, responsive CSS

Hosting and CDN: AWS S3, AWS CloudFront

Asynchronous processing: AWS SQS, RabbitMQ, AWS CloudWatch Events, Kafka

Flexible datastore architectures

Architecting a data tier can be especially challenging in serverless development. We will recommend an architecture and provide the infrastructure and data access code to get you started.

Document stores: AWS DynamoDB, AWS DocumentDB

Relational databases: Postgres, MySQL, AWS Aurora

Object stores: AWS S3

Serious about security

We only ship code following cloud and application security best practices, including:

Least-privilege access control

Network-level security

Encryption at rest

Encryption in transit (TLS)

Secrets management

Application security best-practices

DevOps best-practices baked in

Skip the dedicated ops team and allow product developers to own the full stack. With Expresslane’s simple, best-practices based infrastructure and tooling, developers can deliver value faster.

  • ● Serverless CI/CD pipeline with automated unit and integration tests and multi-stage automated deployments
  • ● Easily spin up cloned environments for development, testing, demos, and customers.
  • ● Local testing workflows
  • ● Deployment frameworks: Serverless Framework, Serverless Application Model, CloudFormation
  • ● Logging, metrics, tracing, and alarms built-in
  • ● Bring your own source control repository, or we will create one for you

Tailored to your requirements with industry-leading consultants

Our configurator application and expert consultants will walk you through the process of bootstrapping a reference implementation based on your business needs. Once we ship the source code to your repository, you own it and are free to modify to your needs.

Consulting time with our expert engineers is included to help train your team and answer questions. We are here to help with training, product architecture, implementation, development workflows, debugging and troubleshooting.

Inquire about our early-access program

Contact us for more information on our early-access program. Early-access customers will benefit from hands-on consulting services, discounted pricing, and input into our product roadmap.